Connect your online business to payment systems and quickly set up the process of receiving online payments from users in different countries, using Paycos solutions ➥
Instant pay-outs to individuals. Paycos provides moment funds transfers to Bank cards, E-wallets, mobile phones and also receiving cash through remittance system ➥
Why us?
Quick start
Fast set up and connection.
Individual approach
We provide personalized payment solutions and conditions for specific needs of our clients.
We support clients 24/7.
More successful payments
Comprehensive approach to pay-ins conversion. Uninterrupted service function, payment channels and banks, own antifraud monitoring system.
No boundaries
Paycos works worldwide, so you always have access to your money.
Considerable experience
Always thinking ahead - we improve payment solutions and create innovations using the accumulated experience.
About us
Our goal is to provide pay-ins acceptance and instant pay-outs on the resources of our clients. It concerns the quick transfer of funds to Bank cards, E-wallets and mobile phones, or receiving cash through money remittance system.

Paycos helps quickly and easy set up the process of receiving online pay-ins from users in different countries. Our solutions are adapted for any e-commerce business, whether it is an online store, a service web-site, an online game, trading or something else.
How it works?
Request for connection
Registration of your request will take 5 minutes at most. You will receive a preliminary response within 1 business day of submitting your request.
Agreement of terms and conditions
We conclude one contract for all services. We select the pay-ins and pay-outs methods that you need.
Technical integration
We provide assistance in connecting via API or integrating with CMS. There are several integration options: iframe, h2h, and redirect.
Pay-ins acceptance
We maintain most types of businesses and propose our own antifraud systems.
Personal secure account
24/7 access to payments and analytics. Control and manage your payments. Return your payment to the customer, generate reports, configure payment methods and other functions.
Affiliate program
Paycos has a wide affiliate network around the world, we are constantly growing and creating collaborations.

By attracting new merchants, you can start earning interest on the commissions they pay to our system. You can also become our partner and earn a percentage of the commission that the merchant pays to our system.
Paycos was certified according to PCI DSS.

Paycos is committed to safeguarding the funds of all its customers.
Easy API & CMS integration
  • Detailed documentation with examples to integrate without technical support;
  • Informative Open API, especially for programmers.
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