Frequently asked questions
If you have a question, you will most likely find the answer in the sections below.
Can I use Paycos, if I am an individual?
No, we work only with legal entities.
What currencies does Paycos support?
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Dollars (USD)
  • Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)
  • Russian rubles (RUB)
  • Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT)
  • Uzbek Sumy (UZS)
  • African currencies, etc.

If you need to accept payments in other currencies, contact the sales department –
Is it confidential to use of your service?
Paycos accepted a Privacy Policy in accordance with the laws of the European Union. This Privacy Policy describes the way, that Paycos processes the personal data of its customers and website visitors.
Does Paycos charge commission for withdrawing funds?
Yes, funds are transferred to your bank account according to the contract.
How and when do you make pay-outs of the effected payments?
We pay compensation for goods / work / services received from customers to our merchants in accordance to the agreements, we can also transfer funds on the date following the transaction date. Payments are made to the client's bank account, which details are also indicated in the contract.

Paycos merchants choose themselves a convenient payment period for cards and other payment methods to their customers - from weekly to monthly transactions. Payments to bank cards are made as often as it corresponds to the client's turnover and his needs.
Do you have any restrictions on the amount of transfer to the account?
No, we will transfer the total sum of money received from buyers. Of course, we will charge our commission.
From which countries can you accept payment cards?
From all countries, except the FATF list and Syria, Iran, North Korea, Iraq, Cuba, Lebanon, North Korea, Sudan.
Does Paycos work with сharity organizations?
Yes! Paycos allows you to accept donations online. Your users can make donations using various global and local payment methods on your website.
Does Paycos support alternative payment methods?
Yes, we support more than 70 alternative payment solutions, such as Internet banking, wallets, pre-pay cards, mobile commerce and others.
I have a unique website design, is it possible to customize the Paycos widget for my website?
Yes, all of our payment widgets can be fully customized for any design. You can check a few our projects and start working with our optimization team to create a unique design.
How to become a Paycos customer?
You can connect Paycos payment solution:

  • Fill in the online-form on the page – Apply
  • Contact our specialists by mail:
How long does the Paycos payment solution connection process take?
The connection time to the gateway depends on the speed of customer feedback and the complexity of technical integration. On average, it takes from 1 to 3 weeks. If you need to correct information on the website or provide additional documents, the period may increase.
What will I pay for?
Depending on the payment options activated, we charge a commission on each transaction.

Transaction fee is charged from successful payments. You will not pay for refunds, cancellations, authorizations and declines. Additional fees will be charged only if you use advanced features (for example, PCI DSS certification, company registration and others).
Will I pay more if I connect several businesses to Paycos?
No, you will not pay for every registered cash desk at Paycos. However, if you have several projects working with us, contact the sales department to discuss the discount :)
What reporting documents are provided and how often?
Every month we send an act with aggregated information for the past month. Also, at any time you will find detailed information about all operations on your account.
How is refund / cancellation effected? When does a buyer receive his funds?
Return is processed in the Personal Account. Normally, money return to buyer's card within 3-5 business days, however, the crediting period depends on the card issuing bank or on the system that provides alternative payment methods.
Can I check the current information on my account and transaction statistics?
Yes. In addition to weekly reports on all conducted transactions, you will get access to your personal account with detailed statistics available in real time. Any transaction reports will be available 24 /7.
What is payment processing?
Nowadays, almost everywhere you can pay for your purchase with a payment card or using alternative payment instruments. Processing (i.e. processing of transactions) of bank cards is a payment process, in which the holder of funds is giving instructions to transfer funds to the seller's account.
What is a payment gateway?
Payment gateway is a technical solution that allows online business owners to accept payment on the website using bank cards and other payment methods that provide verification of the transaction legality in the shortest possible time. This gateway is the connecting link between your website and the acquiring partner. A payment gateway is required to make any type of Internet payments.

To ensure a secure transfer of payment information between buyer, Internet seller and acquirer, a payment gateway protects card data by encrypting customer's confidential data, such as a card number.
What is a holdback?
A holdback is a specified part of the payment amount for a certain period of time, which an acquirer temporarily holds as a guarantee. If chargebacks occur, the holdback is used to cover chargebacks and related expenses.

You can be sure that the holdback will be protected and returned in a pre-agreed time.