Paycos passed PCI DSS Audit

Paycos has successfully completed a project to bring its infrastructure in line with the requirements of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard version 3.2.1

This was our initial audit, in connection with which a project team was organized to implement all the requirements of the standard and significant resources of various structural divisions were involved. During the first two quarters of 2020, the company’s payment infrastructure was modernized and brought into line with the highest requirements of the information security standard.

A certification audit and related consulting services for the project were conducted by Compliance Control Ltd.

“Successful completion of the audit is an indicator of a high level of maturity of information security processes when working with payment card data and a correctly selected vector for the development of information systems,” said the Deputy General Director of Compliance Control Ltd. Eugene Babitsky.

“Passing certification by our company to the requirements of the international PCI DSS standard is not only an increase in capitalization, but also an open demonstration to our partners and customers of the high culture of information security that we promote in our organization,” said Dmitry Antipkin, CEO of Paycos.